SmartBalance recessed – combining performance with smart design

SmartBalance, recessed

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Many people are keen to apply recessed luminaires with a surface of light as an alternative to louver-type solutions. At the same time they expect the luminaires to be office norm-compliant as well as highly energy-efficient. Meeting all relevant office norms, SmartBalance recessed is the next step in surface-of-light recessed luminaires for the specification market. Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology it not only offers increased energy efficiency compared with fluorescent, but is also visually appealing without being intrusive. For those looking for an exciting design element there are versions with inner masking. SmartBalance is also available in surface-mounted, suspended and free floor-standing versions.


Operational cost savings, including 40% saving on energy cost
Appealing, smooth surface-of-light solution
Office norm-compliant


Energy efficacy 105 lm/W
UGR 19 / L65 < 3000 cd/m2
Offers different geometries and ways of mounting
Number of options to meet the needs of the specification business, e.g. DALI control and emergency lighting


Offices (open-plan, meeting rooms, cell offices, circulation areas)
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