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    Energy smart

    Reduce energy costs


    LEDs are light-years ahead of traditional lighting systems because they are more efficient and last longer. Since you can precisely control their output you can create the best and most effective lighting schemes. And by using smart controls you can achieve even more energy savings while ensuring a consistent light experience throughout the store. You can even manage your entire chain through our multi-site energy management system, including energy consumption, light settings and food safety.


    See how you can get energy smart. Read our article Count the savings and see the change.


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    Designed just for retail, our StoreWise system combines the best of LED and controls in a flexible package to help deliver cost savings, increased ambiance and flexibility to be able to adjust lighting to everyday demands.

    Green Warehouse



    How can you transform storage spaces into lean, green, lighting machines? By using our GreenWarehouse system, you can reduce costs by improving lighting efficiency. Keep lights dimmed in unused areas until our system’s sensors detect motion, when lights come up to full brightness. Reduce energy bills by up to 50% while delivering improved lighting quality and comfort. And programmable zones mean flexibility – change your lighting plan anytime and into any configuration you need.