LED street lighting provides high quality of light
LED luminaires are digital devices, essentially like small computers. With the right electronics on board, they can be connected to data networks to create a connected lighting system.
Smart LED lighting illuminates roads and streets
Connected lighting systems connect to networks and people using standard wired and wireless communications technologies – or a combination of both.
Worker installs connected technology
Connected lighting systems continuously report data on their operation, including energy consumption, hours of operation, internal temperature, faults and the location and specifications of the light point.
Collect data from sensors on LED street lighting poles
Sensors can be added to connected lighting systems to gather intelligence. As lighting is already installed indoors and in urban environments, connected lighting systems offer the perfect means for creating extensive sensor networks.
Connected technology provides data-driven insights
With cloud storage, data analytics and software dashboards, it’s possible to use data gathered from the lighting system to gain new insight into activities and operations, allowing us to unlock the enormous potential of the Internet of Things.